TAMPA – The I-Team has confirmed another patient of Dr Mario Almanza’s has died following weight loss surgery in Mexico.  That makes at least 4 deaths the I-Team has confirmed with family members.

50-year-old Carla Laster of Kennet, Missouri is the fourth patient to die after traveling to Tijuana, Mexico for weight loss surgery with Dr. Mario Almanza.

We found more than a dozen patients who have complained of knicked spleens, holes in their stomachs, or severe health complications.  And they all have one thing in common.  They all used weightlossagents.com (an online booking company based in Florida outside of Miami) and had surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Almanza.

The I-Team has been looking into Dr. Almanza and Weight Loss Agents.

Jared Cohen the owner of Weight Loss Agents writes:

“We are heartbroken, but poor outcomes are a known potential risk of bariatric surgeries. We clearly emphasize and point out the risks to our customers in our informed consent, and all our actions with them. As I have indicated previously, I am not a physician, I do not know all the details of her encounter, and/or subsequent encounters with her medical team(s) – and even if I were, I am not in any position to comment on any medical judgement that’s been made.   To learn more about her case, I would urge you to contact Dr. Almanza (or others) who may have first hand medical information related to her care.  We note that Bariatric Surgery requires very meticulous follow up care and following the postop instructions by the patients. We have no idea whether or not failure to follow those instructions have played a role here, but we do know of situations in which failure to follow instructions have clearly contributed to a poor outcome.“

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