I have been diagnosed with 7 different autoimmune diseases and in previous years I had only experienced a major flair up once before. I had been making it through life uncomfortably but I had been making it through with God as my strength and my family’s help.

A CRASH is an autoimmune flair-up that causes your autoimmune numbers to soar and makes it impossible to function.  You may look totally normal on the outside but on the inside your body is in turmoil!  Inflammation is a curse for the autoimmune suffer. For me, I found myself going to my Rheumatologist every two weeks and getting more blood draws than I care to admit.  More trips to the hospital for the day and more tests!

In the end, the only thing the doctors could do was add more medication. (FOR THE RECORD…I am not against medications.  I am thankful for some of the medications I take!)  However, I wanted to go deeper and the doctors were not able to talk about the root causes of the disease.  They only wanted to treat the symptoms.  I don’t blame these excellent doctors at all…they were caring and compassionate but they just had not been trained to look at the root causes but rather to treat the symptoms.

Around November of last year something happened when I was praying to God…he was showing me that I needed to trust Him and follow the principles he had put in place in his word.  It was such a sweet time with Jesus as he gently showed me the way!

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God used people to help me in this journey!  Two friends were key in my journey toward finding the help I need.  My friend Tamara and my friend Tricia.  Tamara had been on the same journey battling her autoimmune diseases and introduced me to a life changing book AUTOIMMUNE THE CAUSE AND THE CURE.  My friend Tricia introduced me to the healing properties of essential oils.

Last December I started slowly to feel better by weekly putting into effect the things I was learning in AUTOIMMUNE THE CAUSE AND THE CURE  and using essential oils.  My numbers started to go down!!

There is not enough room in this blog post to outline all the things I did (you need to purchase the book) but I will outline a few.

1. I started drinking purified water.

2. I started eating grass fed beef, chicken and eggs.

3. I began using frankincense, peppermint and white fir essential oils daily.

4. I was already gluten-free but I eat less of all grains now.

5. I started eating more wild caught fish.

9. I started taking a vitamin D supplement as well as natural multi-vitamins.

10.  I prayed daily for God to heal me.