When you get to a certain point in your weight loss journey, you might begin to feel like you are torturing yourself. If you are on a natural, fully work-out based weight loss program, the shock of adding strenuous physical activity to your daily routine, not to mention getting up earlier than ever before, to do it, might feel harrowing. If you’re on a diet based program, you know the daily, even hourly battles you must fight with yourself and your own will to make the right choices, eat smaller portions and hold out until your next scheduled meal. This is one of the hardest things to deal with because your tastebuds, body and mind tend to work against you when you’re trying to stick to water over soda, less carbs over lasagna or grilled chicken breast over ribs. If your weight loss journey is medical, your pre and post-op bariatric patients diets and pains can very easily make you feel like you’ve been through enough.

Post-op Bariatric Patients Advice

If you are at this point or nearing it, take advice from those who have been there, got through it and reached their goals; when you’re wondering why you’re going through so much, just remember why you started. There’s a damn good reason why you decided to make the life changing decision to undergo bariatric surgery, lap band, gastric bypass, medical weight loss, or whatever else you happened to have chosen. You were sick and tired of being unhealthy, overweight and not living up to your full potential. As a motivational tidbit, we trolled the internet to find real people’s answers about what they won’t miss about being overweight and compiled a list of 5, just to remind you what you’ll be leaving way behind you and to give you a extra push of inspo to keep you on track.

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1 – The Pain

Being overweight means carrying around excess weight that your body is not designed to carry. This results in tons of health problems that you feel in all kinds of places, from circulation problems to chronic joint pain to acid reflux. Regardless of the type of pain, the point is, you’ll be much better off without it.

2- The Fatigue

To get the most out of life, you have to give it energy and passion. When you’re overweight, your body has to work harder to perform everyday, simple tasks. It many times also causes sleep apnea, due to the weight gain and torso in the neck. You’ll feel so much better as you lose weight and lose many symptoms you previously dealt with including the chronic fatigue.

3- The Psychological Effects

This aspect of being obese is perhaps the most damaging of all. There’s nothing like feeling like a prisoner in your own body and many people who have had to deal with obesity can attest to this. Beyond depression and anxiety lead to mindless eating at all hours of the night, binging, and other problematic symptoms that end up, in turn, making the obesity worse.

4- The Struggle with Clothing

If there’s one way to kick someone when they’re down it’s reminding them that they look terrible on top of feeling terrible. It seems each time anyone with excess weight needs to shop for new clothes, it turns into a torturous experience that leaves them feeling inadequate, unappealing, hopeless and with no choices. Post bariatric patients will soon find a renewed hope in shopping as they shed their excess weight and drop sizes rapidly, opening up more and more stylish options.

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5- The Lack of Freedom

When you’re overweight, it can make you feel trapped while everyone around you prances around seemingly, without a care in the world. You might hear a song you love and in your mind, you are dancing. But in reality, you are struggling to breath properly as you walk a short distance to the nearest restroom. As you lose weight, you will discover new heights of mobility. Not only will you find yourself more limber and less weighed down, but you will have the energy to move as you wish and even enjoy yourself.