The last about 8 years of my life has thrown some harsh curveballs. I’ve managed so far, The last 2 years has been one of the most challenging ive had to face.

Dealing with death way too much, parents separating, witnessing trauma you name it. As a result i’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness PTSD.

As a result my life has changed quite a bit and it has been a very rough, rocky transition in life. People every day suffer with types of mental illnesses:ptsd, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and so many more.

I have noticed that I have lost people because ive become a burden and I may talk about it but its only because its my life now.

The people in my life now never question the validity of my state and no one should, and It has become in our society to not speak up and instead hide it.

The worse thing we fear is invalidation and in this world its seen as being disabled and yes it is a disability but we are fearful of how our peers may act once they find out. All we want is to be validated for our battles.

I will not be quiet about something that is such a big part of changing my life and neither should any of you.

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